Below is a list of our services we currently provide. 2020 will go down as a year to remember for the wrong reasons, Coronavirus. We have added to our list of services with 'PURIFOG' the automated COVID killing machine. Please read more details here. Crown Deepclean continue to evolve so look out for further additions over the coming months.


Purifog Covid killer

Deep cleaning

Kitchen equipment

Vent systems


We can now offer you a sanitising and disinfecting service, eliminating viruses and up to 99.9% of bacteria from your kitchen and dining premises. This can be either linked to a normal kitchen deepclean or as a standalone service.

Upon arrival we will thoroughly spray your entire kitchen with a fine mist from a backpack pumped sprayer. After the recommended contact time the high traffic touch areas (below) are given particular attention to ensure greater coverage to help the removal of COVID-19 or any other or any other viruses within the kitchen.

Door handles
Push plates & pads
Equipment / fridge / freezer / dishwasher handles
Sinks & taps
Dining tables & chairs, if required
Tray runs
Oven knobs & handles
Fryer basket handles
Grill handles
Prep tables

This chemical is approved to EN14476 and is also food safe, so will not impact the normal running of the kitchen following the clean.

We also work closely along catering equipment service companies who can provide a recommissioning service of all your cooking equipment to ensure it’s safe for use following a prolonged enforced shut down.

All this will help protect your employees, customers and business. Please contact the office with your requirements and we’d be happy to visit your kitchen and carry out a free survey and quotation. We now take credit card payment should this suit your business, rather than having to wait for an order number.

Deep Clean

This includes the entire kitchen 'top to bottom'. Where applicable the hot cooking equipment will be stripped down e.g. burners, cooker tops, oven racking etc, and the components are thoroughly deep cleaned. Wherever possible, we aim to return the items to an 'as new' condition.

All of the above will help you and your kitchen:

Prolong the life of your equipment and maintain its efficiency

Reduce the risk of fire

Minimise the risk of pest infection

Help keep the workforce and EHO happy

Improve airflow and air quality within the kitchen environment


Legionella can colonise in man-made recirculating hot air and water systems such as storage tanks, cooling towers, calorifiers and air conditioning systems.

All tank cleans & disinfections are to L8 ACoP specifications and all disinfections are to BS6700 specifications. We are accredited under the Legionella Control Scheme

We provide a certificate following works containing before and after photographs, disinfection levels and recommendations to ensure compliance.

We can provide Legionella risk assessments on your water systems. All assessments include water sampling, a log book with a scheme of works, training and handover to enable your staff to undertake required monitoring task and actions. A Legionella risk assessment should be completed every 2 years on your water system.

All laboratory samples are completed by an independent UKAS approved laboratory.


What can PuriFog do for you?
Purifog kills viruses and bacteria, most notably the Coronavirus, in both the air and on surfaces. Purifog engulfs the entire room with a disinfectant that covers 99.9% of all surfaces.
The result is that once deployed our solution has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria associated with COVID-19 and other things such as the flu and stomach bugs both on surfaces and in the air.

How does the process work?
The Purifog machine is plugged into the mains and once up to temperature it's ready to go.
Once ready, the machine is activated, and the fog is ready to deploy.
Inside the machine, a thermospray unit is atomising the fog from fluid state and once sprayed out of the machine, it turns to a dry fog with 0.3 to 5 micron sized particles. The particles billow out and fill the premises and latch on to bacteria and virus in the air. As a result, they get heavy and fall to surfaces. With Hypo the disinfecting ingredients begin killing the pathogens in the air, and this process continues over the course of the next 8 hours or so.

How much does it cost?
It will depend on the size and number of areas that require the service. Please contact the office and a quote will be supplied based on room dimensions etc

Why is it more effective than other deep cleaning processes?
It's the mechanical nature of the dry fog. It does not discriminate. It tackles all the negative particles floating about in the air, and because the fog is so fine (minute particle size) is able to literally get into every nook and cranny. The dryness of the fog means it also does not affect lighting or electrical equipment.

How long does it last for?
It resets the clock on the environment more effectively than anything else and the hypo will continue to protect the surfaces for up to 7 days actively - but like everything else, the more people you introduce to the area, the more chance of a virus finding its way into the environment.

Why is it so revolutionary?
There is no fogging machine like it. The Thermospray unit is patented, and
the use of a disinfectant through the thermospray also patented. Other 'fogging' machines either emit wet fog; do not atomise to such small micron sized particles; and/ or cannot fill such large spaces as our machine.

How was it developed?
Over half a million Euros were spent to test and develop the fluid formulations with the support of the University of Turin. The machines were originally developed as Security / anti-theft devices. But in response to the pandemic in Italy, the fog was developed to help counter the crisis. The machines then act as the perfect dispersal method.


This system provides the fresh air for a working environment, over time the ducting accumulates dust and other debris, which can cause the problems like:

Reduced system performance

Contaminated air; thus leading to possible health problems for a person breathing the air (SBS - Sick Building Syndrome)

Unsightly and dirty air supply grills

Upon completion of the clean we then coat all accessible areas with a sanitising spray to help keep bacteria growth to a minimum

Air & Grease

Blocked filtration can cause airflow problems and imbalances, therefore it is essential that they are cleaned, maintained or replaced.

We can help in all aspects of filtration:


Maintenance cleaning

Measure, supply & fit

Filter advice

Mesh, baffled, bags, pleated, rigid & more

High Level

Premises, High Level Cleaning

With IPAF-accredited staff, we tackle high level and gutter cleaning projects across a whole variety of premises, from food production facilities, warehouses, schools, universities and sports halls, to shopping centres, commercial and industrial premises.


The kitchen extract ventilation system is probably the biggest risk within the kitchen with regard to the chance of fire. Grease deposits build up over a period of time depending on the size and usage of the kitchen it is serving. This could lead to the following:

Increased risk and chance of fire

Reduced performance and efficiency by up to 40%


Crown Deepclean are a proactive organisation that keeps up to date with all necessary accreditations with our staff being highly trained to ensure you receive the best possible service.